It’s been an honor to represent you, my neighbors, in Precinct 1. I look forward to working hard on your behalf for another four years.

Here’s why I am running:

Calling & Courage Learning Community

I moved to Greenfield in August 2012 as the single mom of a four-year-old, and I enrolled him at the Academy of Early Learning and, later, Federal St. School.

I’ve always been a fierce proponent of public schools, so when Kai began struggling in first grade, I faced a dilemma. I wanted to advocate for the changes he needed, but as a single mom struggling to pay the bills and build a new business, I didn’t have the capacity to do so effectively.

When Kai came home complaining that he hated school, teachers, and math (and the kid still loves math!), I knew I needed to make a change. We received a huge scholarship to the Greenfield Center School—a privilege I realize most people do not have—and things turned around for Kai.

Fast forward to last year…

I received a call letting me know that Precinct One council position was open and asking if I would apply. To be honest, I first said no. I saw the work that the role demands and the time it would require away from my now fifteen-year-old son.

But I also recognized my changed circumstances. My son no longer needs the same amount of attention, my business is well-established, and I have far more time and energy to devote. And, as I always tell Kai: With great privilege comes great responsibility.

I knew it was finally time for me to advocate for the changes that our children and community need. And so, I signed up to represent Precinct One.

I believe that our greatest potential for change is close to home.

I first became interested in social change as a high school senior while learning about US foreign policy in Central America. During college, I taught at Taos Pueblo reservation in New Mexico, traveled throughout Latin America doing human rights accompaniment, and organized students against tuition hikes and sweatshop procurement.

After college, I worked for several years in strategic affairs for UNITE HERE!, the hotel workers’ union, campaigning for fair organizing contracts in New Haven, Providence, Phoenix, and Tucson.

When Kai was born, I stepped back from organizing, but witnessing the 2016 presidential elections convinced me it was time to re-engage. This time, though, I knew the biggest change I could make was closer to home.

After advocating for change at the international and national levels, it has been an honor to devote my energies to working on behalf of my neighbors here at home.

I am committed to listening and collaboration, especially across differences of opinion.

In addition to working for what I believe is right, I am equally committed to cultivating respectful relationships with my colleagues who hold different opinions, listening to all my constituents, and working toward the best interest of our entire community.

For over a decade, I’ve worked as a professional facilitator and leadership coach, and I hold an MBA in Collaborative Leadership. It’s been a joy to bring my skills and experience to my work on city council. I look forward to serving you, my neighbors, in the years to come.

To learn more about my vision for Greenfield, click here.

Is there anything else you’d like to know?

If there is a question I haven’t addressed here, I invite you to contact me and share the issues that matter to you. I will do my best to respond within a week.

Thank you for taking the time to be in touch.

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